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November 28, 2017

Friends of Gateway Green (FoGG) is looking for a few special individuals who want to get more involved with the new park, and who have the interest and time to serve on one of its Working Groups and Committees, described below.

Some will meet monthly; others will meet less often. It’s anticipated that each will require a minimum of two hours a month (meeting time and/or other tasks) with an opportunity for additional time requirements depending on the project(s) one wants to take on.

Interested? Please complete our on-line Volunteer Interest Form

Want more information? Contact Linda at or 503-261-9566.

Working Groups

FoGG has established four “Working Groups”, each charged with overseeing a relatively wide range of responsibilities.

As the need arises, and when interested, skilled individuals express interest in helping with specific projects/tasks, separate committees will be created. For example, a “Social Media Committee” could be created, removing specific tasks from the Communication & Outreach Working Group.

∙     Administrative & Governance Working Group

This group has primary responsibility for corporate reporting & compliance, setting board meeting dates and agendas, maintaining the primary database, and all financial matters including budgets, bookkeeping, fundraising and grant reporting. This group serves as the primary liaison with Portland Parks & Recreation.

∙     Communication & Outreach Working Group

This group oversees the production of newsletters, website updates, social media connections and other activities whose purpose is to heighten community awareness of Gateway Green and the organization and to generate greater volunteer, financial and other forms of support. This includes managing tabling at community events, requests for presentations, and recruiting and tracking volunteers. They are also charged with developing ideas for outreach to under-served populations, and for developing positive relationships with local businesses and other potential sponsors.

∙     Programming & Partnerships Working Group

This group has primary responsibility for establishing and maintaining partnerships with other community groups, for scheduling and planning events and activities at the park. This group serves as the primary liaison with the PP&R Customer Service Office re schedules and permits. The group manages the use of volunteers, including training and tracking their time. They take primary responsibility for recruiting event sponsors, and recognition of the sponsors.

∙     Facilities Working Group

This group will work with Portland Parks & Recreation to provide advice on proposed changes to the design and layout of the park, after the park has been completed. They will work with PP&R and NWTA to deal with maintenance issues/concerns. They will also work on wayfinding issues.


The following committees have been established, in response to specific needs or opportunities. Each provides an opportunity to for the immediate involvement in a project at Gateway Green. As needs and opportunities arise, additional committees will be created

∙     Finance Committee

Responsible for assisting the board in ensuring the organization is in good fiscal health. This group will assure that complete and accurate financial records are maintained and shared with the board. It will also oversee budget preparation, financial planning and compliance with federal, state and other requirements. A CPA or someone experienced in nonprofit fiscal matters would be a helpful addition to this committee.

∙     Public Art Committee

This committee will work on ways to incorporate art into the park – through art-oriented events and art installations. Funds are available now for an initial art project.

∙     Stewardship Committee

This group will focus on habitat enhancement efforts at the park, to include connecting the park to larger wildlife corridors, and looking into the potential to add a significant stormwater treatment facility. The group will organize stewardship work parties (invasive species control, clean-up, planting), and identify partners to lead environmental education activities at the park.


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