Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gateway Green only to be used for cycling activities?

Gateway Green is one of Portland’s first and only dedicated off-road cycling parks, but the park will offer much more than just trails for riding. Visitors can also walk, hike and run, enjoy the nature play areas, picnic, observe birds and other wildlife, and learn about habitat restoration and preservation.

Will Gateway Green be open to the public?

Yes! Gateway Green is available for use by all Portlanders and visitors too! [Note: the south end of the park is temporarily closed to facilitate improvements on the adjacent MAX Red Line.]

Will there be any costs to use the park?

Gateway Green will be free for everyday use but some costs may be associated for special events.

How do I get to Gateway Green?

The park is only accessible from the I-205 Multi Use Path (MUP), by walking or bike riding. Head north on the Path from the Gateway Transit Center or get to the park by traveling southbound on the MUP.

If you’re traveling by MAX, the red, blue and green lines all stop at the Gateway Transit Center.

If you’re driving to Gateway, free parking is available on-street near the Gateway Transit Center. If you’re dropping someone off you can use one of the four quick drop spaces at the main trailhead entrance. Do not use the TriMet Park & Ride lot or structure”.

Are dogs allowed at Gateway Green?

Yes, but they must be on a leash – for the safety of both your dog and the young children (many of whom are novice bike riders) who use the park. You are, of course, expected to clean up after your dog.

When is Gateway Green going to be completed?

Gateway Green is a work in progress. Construction began in October 2016 and the park opened to the public in June 2017, with the completion of many of the off-road bicycling features, commonly called "the Dirt Lab". Much progress has been made but more work is required in order to achieve the park’s full vision. The park will close in the fall of 2018 for another round of construction, re-opening for the summer of 2019. Construction will continue, periodically, with full build-out expected in 2020.

How can I be involved?

There are many ways that you can help with the park’s development, and its programming! Talk about the project with your friends and neighbors. Follow Friends of Gateway Green on Facebook to stay in touch with the latest news and events. Sign up for our email notification list. If you have a particular expertise or interest, please complete our Volunteer Interest Form so we can contact you when an opportunity comes up. You can also help, financially, with a cash or in-kind contribution. There are even ways to help by shopping.

Is “rogue building” allowed?

No. Gateway Green is a pilot project to introduce off-road cycling to public land within the City of Portland. Its success – and the development of similar facilities elsewhere – depend on collective respect for the space.

Construction of off-road cycling features may only be executed as part of the ongoing collaboration between Northwest Trail Alliance, Friends of Gateway Green and Portland Parks & Recreation.. We want to remind users that unsanctioned construction of new trails, jumps and other elements violates terms of this collaboration and environmental regulations governing the site, and will be considered vandalism.

If you value the park and feel compelled to contribute to its features, we invite you to get involved with FoGG and NWTA and work within this collaboration, rather than constructing unsanctioned improvements. Your sensitivity to this issue will ensure the park's success, safety for all users, and the growth of off-road cycling within city limits.

Can I ride when it’s raining?

Please exercise extra caution on wet or muddy days and scout your ride:

  • Single track riders: Please stay off the trails following significant rain events. A good indication that you shouldn’t ride is -- if you leave a boot or tire track, the trail needs more time to drain and dry.     
  • Jump Line: Please DO NOT ride on muddy days.    
  • Skills area and pump track:  Please do not ride on the wood or concrete features if mud begins to track onto those surfaces.     

Thanks for your compliance and your help ensuring the sustainability of trails at Gateway Green. Ride on (when it’s appropriate)!

Are there restrooms and drinking fountains at Gateway Green?

Not yet. A Portland Loo will be constructed, probably next winter. In the meantime, a portable toilet will be available, most of the time. There have been several instances of vandalism and it takes awhile to get a new one delivered.

How is the development of Gateway Green being paid for?

Park construction and operation are being paid for by a combination of public, private, philanthropic and volunteer resources. The Friends of Gateway Green will not ask the city to raise any taxes to cover Gateway Green costs.