Meet the
Friends of Gateway Green

Linda Robinson, Chair

Born in Portland and a resident of east Portland for more than 35 years, Linda is a community organizer with a passion for meaningful civic engagement. While Linda has many volunteer interests, her work has focused on parks. Linda was a founding member of the East Portland Parks Coalition and now leads that group, chairs the Parks Committee for the Hazelwood Neighborhood Association, and served on the Portland Parks Board for seven years.. When not doing volunteer work, Linda enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, birding and bicycling..

Jeff Shindler, Secretary

Having visited the Pacific Northwest since he was a child, Jeff realized his dream of living in Portland in 2010. A strong believer in the benefits of social capital, Jeff has worked as a marketing executive and corporate event producer, managed political campaigns, and has served on boards and fundraising committees for non-profit organizations dedicated to providing affordable housing. In 2012, he founded LIFT Development, a real estate development company that builds multi-family housing in the Portland metro area. He loves the great outdoors, and most weekends can be found exploring Portland’s parks and hiking trails.

Ted Gilbert, Board Member

Since 1973, Ted has been involved in the acquisition, development, renovation and/or marketing of investment real estate. He is the Founder and Chairman of HOST Development, Inc., Co-Founder and Chairman of the Portland Affordable Housing Preservation Trust. He serves on two other Gatewat community boards, and is passionate about the revitalization of Gateway and East Portland. For recreation, Ted loves to run on the trails of Forest Park and Tryon Creek State Park.

Beth Flanagan, Board Member

Beth became a landscape architect to create community by providing opportunities for people to interact with each other and nature. This, and her love for bikes, drives her participation in Gateway Green. Beth is a Marketing Manager at Alta Planning + Design and her primary transportation mode is bicycling. She also races bikes and can't wait to see the park provide opportunities for people to ride, walk, engage each other, play, relax, and explore nature.

Will Heiberg, Board Member

Will Heiberg is the owner and operator of the Lumberyard Indoor Bike Park in Portland, Oregon. He has a BA from Virginia Tech and has worked in the outdoor and tech industries as a computer graphics artist, project manager, and producer. With a passion for an active lifestyle and riding bikes, he started the Lumberyard Indoor Bike Park in 2012 and has built a community hub with cycling as it's nucleus. With an eye on creating multiple locations in urban centers, Will looks forward to providing more opportunities to engage the youth of today through recreational riding.

Jocelyn Gaudi, Board Member

Jocelyn Gaudi maintains a singular goal to guide her professional and volunteer work - to get more butts on bikes more often. Jocelyn is the Director for Marketing and Sales for Portland Design Works, a small company that designs and manufactors cycling accessories. Outside of the office, she is active in transportation and recreational cycling advocacy including sitting on the board of the Northwest Trail Alliance, is a member of the City of Portland Bicycle Advisory Committe and Off-Road Cycling Master Plan Committee, leads Bike Patrol for the Sandy Ridge Trail system, and is the founder of the Komorebi Cycling Team, a non-competative bikepacking group that encourages and educations women to adventure by bike.

Paul Dickow, Board Member

Paul Dickow is Marketing Director of Portland landscape architecture and planning firm Walker Macy. Paul is also a resident of Madison South Neighborhood and a neighbor of the park. Paul brings his professional focus on public open space projects with catalytic social, aesthetic, environmental, and economic potential together with his personal interests in East Portland’s community and sense of place.

Tom Badrick, Board Member

Tom grew up in the Gateway area and fondly recalls visiting Gateway Green long before the installation of Interstate 205. He is currently the chair of Parkrose Heights Association of Neighbors and Gateway One Ecodistrict. He is also very active in helping shape the future growth of the Gateway area through board memberships on other local organizations. Tom is an avid gardener of interesting plants and has has a small family of rescue animals.

Cole Lalomia, Board Member

Drawn by the big trees and dense moss of the Pacific Northwest, Cole left New Jersey and moved to Portland to study Community Development at Portland State University. For the length of his academic career at PSU he worked as a mechanic at the PSU Bike Hub; fixing bikes and teaching bicycle maintenance and repair to students and faculty. Cole’s love of cycling also found him leading the PSU Cycling Team as president and competitor to two conference championships. Cole has worked with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance on the Bike More Challenge and continues to stay involved with advocacy relating to active transportation. Cole is firm believer in public participation and is dedicated to doing his part in making Portland a more livable place for everyone. Cole recently took a full-time job as a bike mechanic at the Community Cycling Center.