Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gateway Green only to be used for cycling activities?
Gateway Green will be one of Portland’s first and only dedicated off-road cycling parks, but the park will offer much more than just trails for riding. Visitors will also be able to walk, hike and run, enjoy the natural playground, picnic, observe birds and other wildlife, and learn about habitat restoration and preservation.

Will Gateway Green be open to the public?
Yes! Gateway Green will be available for use by all Portlanders and visitors too!

Will there be any costs to use the park?
Gateway Green will be free for everyday use but some costs may be associated for special events.

How do I get to Gateway Green?
The park is only accessible from the I-205 Multi Use Path, by walking or bike riding. Head north on the Path from the Gateway Transit Center or get to the park by traveling southbound on the Path.

If you’re traveling by MAX, the red, blue and green lines all stop at the Gateway Transit Center.

If you’re driving to Gateway, free parking is available on-street near the Gateway Transit Center, the Gateway Transit Center parking structure and surface lot, the Green Line's Main Street Park n Ride lot to the south or the Red Line's Parkrose/Sumner Park n Ride lot to the north. It is important that you do not park in the business parking lots or on surrounding residential streets.  

How is the development of Gateway Green being paid for?
Park construction and operation will be paid for by a combination of public, private, philanthropic and volunteer resources. The Friends of Gateway Green will not ask the city to raise any taxes to cover Gateway Green costs.

When is Gateway Green going to open?
Gateway Green has been a work in progress since 2005. Much progress has been made but more work is required in order to achieve the park’s full vision. The Friends of Gateway Green are focused on fundraising to cover planning, design and construction and maintenance costs. The currently timeline has groundbreaking in 2016, and park visitors will hopefully be enjoying the park by early to late 2017.

How can I be involved?
There are many ways that you can help with the park’s development! Talk about the project with your friends and neighbors. Follow Friends of Gateway Green on Facebook to stay in touch with the latest news, for volunteer work party opportunities, and for events. Sign up for our email notification list. If you have a particular expertise or ideas that you think might be helpful, please contact Linda Robinson, Chair of FoGG, at