Activities at Gateway Green

How do you want to play today? Gateway Green will offer many different types of experiences to locals and visitors, from a natural play area for the very youngest park goers to an advanced jump line within the bike skills area for advanced cyclists.


The park is now open. Hours are from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, every day except Friday when it opens late (10:30 am) due to weekly maintenance. For information on how to get to the park, check out Park Access.


Gateway Green will be Portland’s first desginated bike park! The park offers fun and challenging environments for all levels of riders - from youngsters just learning bike skills to advanced riders and racers. Included in the current design of the bike park will be multi-use trails, singletrack trails, a bike skills area, and a gravity area. We envision the site becoming a major focal point of the local off-road riding scene!


Running, Walking and Hiking
Soft surface trails will wind through the site to allow for more intimate experience with the restored habitat. In addition, crushed gravel multi-use trails allow people to access larger portions of the site and create regional connections to the existing 40-mile loop and future Sullivan’s Gulch Trail.


Observing and Learning from Nature
Interpretative signage about the site’s habitat restoration, stormwater management, the volcanic origins of Rocky Butte and the effects of the ice age floods will provide passive environmental education opportunities. In addition, area schools and nonprofit groups will have access to the park for environmental curriculum. A field shelter will be built for picnicking and to provide a gathering space for classes and groups. As the habitat enhancements mature, there will be increasing opportunities to observe plants and wildlife. [These features will be added in a later phase of development.]


Nature Play Area
The nature play area uses natural materials to create a playground that stimulates children’s imaginations while teaching them about natural processes. Rocks, logs,  soil and plants are integrated and available to be touched and manipulated. It will be located near the forested part of the site to take advantage of the existing and restored tree canopy allowing children to make their own adventures.


Learn more about how you can help us develop and maintain the park here!