Enhanced Habitat and
Clean Water at Gateway Green

Habitat Enhancement and Creation

Enhancement of existing forest and open areas will remove invasive species, plant native species, and thereby enhance native wildlife habitat. A significant amount of new vegetation is proposed for the site, The filtering benefits of trees and other vegetation will help improve air and water quality.

The Portland Natural Area Acquisition strategy and the Regional Conservatin Strategy identify Gateway Green as a restoration opportunity area. Friends of Trees has begun the process of adding trees along the I-205 corridor, and Gateway Green will extend these efforts, bringing the habitat area closer to Rocky butte, a natural area identified as an anchor of biodiversity in the Regional Conservation Strategy.

In addition, the proposed stormwater facility, and the capture of over-flow water from the drinking fountain, will provide a valuable water source for wildlife which is not currently available on the site. 

Vegetated Stormwater Management

The vegetated stormwater feature will be a focal point of the park. It will capture, cleanse, and help infiltrate run-off from the surrounding hardscape. It is hoped that, at some time in the future, it can also be used to treat and infiltrate run-off from i-205 and the freeway ramps that currently direct rainwater flow into pipes that lead to the Columbia River.  

Sustainable Technology

Gateway Green will incorporate a number of sustainable technologies where possible, including wind and solar demonstration projects.