Gateway Green Build Journal, Week One

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All words and photos by Jason Van Horn. 

Although it’s currently just scratched into the ground, this is a beautiful sight.
Yesterday marked a milestone marker in the saga of Gateway Green, as the first hints of single track trail have been etched into earth.

Trail construction at Gateway Green has officially started as of Monday, October 18th. While I’ve constructed more than my share of trail, this patch of ground feels different.

Above is the “before” photo. For the first time in memory, Portland, Oregon is gaining, as opposed to losing, bike-friendly trial.

Storage containers for equipment are on site. Thanks to everyone that donated to the fundraiser as the project has reached its goal with a total of $101,810 raised toward trail and bike park construction. 

More importantly, the Metro Nature in Neighborhoods match grant has been met!


Update: Wednesday, 10/19/16

You can already visualize how fun the section through the trees will be with the undulating grade dips.

Through the trees. This segment of trail will be short but sweet.

Remember that “before” image? Here’s a good idea of what “after” is going to look like.

Update: Saturday 10/22/16

On Saturday, Friends of Gateway Green offered a free guided walk through Gateway Green discussing the Dirt Lab project, insights on the challenges faced and what is being currently being built. The event was one of many WALKTOBER events.

Friends of Gateway Green Walktober Tour

Linda Robinson and Sean Stroup of Friends of Gateway Green join Ross Swanson from Portland Parks for the Gateway Green Walktober Tour.

The original post of this article is on All words and photos by Jason Van Horn. 

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