Wed, October 22 2014

The Friends of Gateway Green presents Community Cross – a family friendly cyclocross exhibition race for all ages and abilities! Please join us in celebrating and support Portland's first recreational bike park in the making!

On-site registration will begin at 9 AM. $20 race entry donation supports the Build Gateway Green capital campaign. Exhibition racers are eligible for raffle prizes regardless of race finishing placement. Non-racers may also purchase raffle tickets for $20. 

The day's schedule:

9:00 AM - Registration begins

10:00 AM - Welcome Announcement

10:10 AM - Kiddie Cross opens (remains open throughout the day)

10:10 AM - Men's C (45 min)

11:05 AM - Men's B (45 min)

12:00 PM - Women's B & C and Juniors (45 min)

12:55 PM - Women's A (60 min)

2:05 PM - Men's A (60 min)

3:15 PM - Single Speed (45 min)

Please consider riding your bike or taking transit to the event. Parking is available at The Oregon Clinic (1111 NE 99th Ave). Community Cross will be set up approximately .25 miles north of the Gateway/NE 99th Ave TC MAX station.


The Friends of Gateway would like to thank the follow companies for their generous donations to support Community Cross!

Sun, January 26 2014

Friends of Gateway Green has received several donations since the Indiegogo campaign ended. Many thanks to the following individuals and organizations for your generous contributons:

-- Boeing (employee match)

-- Fat Tire Farm

-- Friends of Mt Tabor Park 

-- GeffenMesher

-- Jerry & Constance Mason

-- Madison South Neighborhood Association

-- Mary Stine 

-- Microsoft (employee match)

-- Parkrose Neighborhood Association 

-- Portfolio 21 Investments Inc

-- Precision Cast Parts

-- Stanley & Suzanne Penkin 

-- Woodland Park Neighborhood Association

Wed, October 23 2013

The 33 days of the Gateway Green crowdfund have come to a close, and the results are:

756 donors contributed $123,880.  Since the official completion date, some substantial contributions have continued to show up in our Gateway Green mailbox – PO Box 16692, Portland, OR 97292.

In the history of the portal Indiegogo, there have been 5,238 crowdfunds for community projects.  This one ranks #5.  My colleague, Linda Robinson, says that she knew it would work.  In all candor, I had no idea if people would participate.

What I find particularly gratifying is the depth and breadth of support:  from a woman in Nairobi, Kenya, to the students of an elementary school who conducted a penny drive; from East Portland neighborhood associations to an international company like Coca-Cola.  The money will allow us to turn our master plan into the detailed schematic designs needed for building permits.  The number and enthusiasm of you supporters may mean even more.

What’s next:

*   We take a deep breath, then start on the design.  There will be a number of opportunities for supporters to participate and provide ideas for the cycling and spectator elements, the children’s nature play area, the habitat restoration, the sustainability features, and the picnic area.

*   The actual transfer of the property from ODOT to the City of Portland is projected for the first of next year.  This in itself is probably reason for a celebration of some sort!

*   We get to work on applications for some grants which could, if approved, provide much of the capital for construction.

Please know that your support—small and large—means a lot.  Even after 8 years, we have much to do to bring Gateway Green to East Portland and our region.  However, your response to this crowdfund has provided an invaluable boost.

Mon, September 30 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Both the Portland City Council and the Multnomah County Commission have declared October 1, 2013 to be "Build Gateway Green Day".

Happy Hour Celebration

Join us on Tuesday, October 1, from 4:00 to 6:00 pm, for a happy hour celebration at Hopworks Urban Brewery at 2944 SE Powell Blvd.  The Build Gateway Green campaign team and members of the Friends of Gateway Green will be there to enjoy the park's day.

Coca-Cola Pledges $25,000 Matching Grant to Friends of Gateway Green’s Crowdfunding Effort

Friends of Gateway Green, Portland Parks Foundation and Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) are joining forces with the Coca-Cola Company to help build Gateway Green through a $25,000 challenge.

Tuesday, October 1 kicks-off the final phase of the Gateway Green crowdfunding campaign, which concludes on Monday, October 7 at 11:00 pm. The effort challenges cyclists, park lovers and anyone wanting to make an impact to join the effort by making contributions on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

For each donation made towards building Gateway Green, Coca-Cola will provide a two-to-one match, up to a total of $25,000.  A $50 donation, for example, will result in a $100 match from Coca-Cola. 

Gateway Green’s initial fundraising goal of $100,000 will allow the project to secure necessary design and architecture work to make this project a reality.

Mon, September 30 2013

Some big news on Friday, September 27! Kaiser Permanente presented the Friends of Gateway Green with a check for $10,000 towards the Build Gateway Green campaign as Kaisesr gets closer to opening the Gateway Office just blocks away. Members of Kaiser and Friends of Gateway Green Board members Tom Archer, Linda Robinson and Ted Gilbert at Outer Rim Bicycle Shop (another great Gateway area business!) for the presentation.

The Friends of Gateway Green are thrilled to welcome this great partner to our neighborhood and are looking forward to the day that Kasier clinic staff spend their lunch breaks out on Gateway Green trails!  Thanks for joining us in promoting healthy activities and great recreational activities in East Portland. 

Thanks to representatives from Portland City Commissioners Amanda Fritz and Steve Novick who  said some lovely words of support!

Tue, September 24 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

4:00 to 7:00 pm

1111 NE 102nd Ave, Suite F (in the same building as the Gateway Fred Meyer)

The design workshop will be held at the Gateway EcoDistrict Office in the Gateway Shopping Center. The address is 1111 NE 102nd Ave, Suite F, which is a store front office just to the left (south) of the main entrance to the Gateway Fred Meyer -- on the 102nd Avenue side of the building. The Gateway Green Design Team will all be there, and most of the Friends of Gateway Green Board members. The Design team is comprised of Gill Williams from David Evans & Associates, Mike Faha from GreenWorks, and Chris Bernhardt from IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association). They'll have maps and aerial photos of the Gateway Green site showing the concept plans developed earlier. There will also be lots of visuals showing more specific features that might be included in the park when developed -- and an opportunity for you to indicate which ones you prefer. Attendees will be encouraged to share any other ideas they have as well. The format is set up so participants don't need to be there the whole time -- and they won't have to sit through a long, boring presentation either. Light refreshments will be provided. Please join us for this important planning event -- and tell your friends about it, too.

Fri, August 2 2013

Here is your chance to help design Gateway Green -- at Oregon's Kitchen Table.

As we start the next round of planning, we need to hear from you about what trails are important, when you'll use the park, if you'll bring your dog or kid (or both), and more.

It takes a couple minutes to sign up and just a few minutes to complete the survey. Do it now! [The survey closes on Friday, August 16.]

For more information, contact Sarah at Oregon Solutions (sarahgiles [at] pdx [dot] edu or 503-725-5248).

Mon, July 1 2013

Friends of Gateway Green is excited to announce it is working with Oregon Solutions again -- to launch a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo.

Take a look at the attached document for more information about the campaign to be launched in early September -- and about the next round of public input to start in late July.

Tue, February 26 2013

While things may seem extraordinarily quiet on the Gateway Green front, there's actually a lot going on these days.

  • The Friends of Gateway Green (FoGG) board is negotiating a formal agreement with Portland Parks and Recreation, defining the roles and responsibilities of each as the project moves toward development.
  • ODOT is in the process of getting the property declared "surplus right-of-way" and the City has started the Environment Assessment, part of its "due diligence" process required before property is acquired by the city.
  • FoGG is working, once again, with Oregon Solutions. This time we are exploring a specific funding opportunity called "crowdfunding". We hope to share more about this soon.
  • FoGG board members continue to write and submit grant applications -- seeking funding for various elements of the project.
  • In addition, we are exploring options that might enable us to develop a more detailed plan for the site, possibly as early as this summer.

In the meantime, we invite you to participate in some upcoming events:

First, Gateway Green will be one of several clean-up sites for the annual SOLVE IT Earth Day event -- Saturday, April 20, 2013 from 9 am til noon. Come help clean up the site.

Second, FoGG will have an entry in the Gateway Fun-O-Rama Parade on Saturday, May 18th. It's a short parade (about 3/4 of a mile). We're assembling a group of Gateway Green supporters to walk or bike in the parade. We need walkers to carry the banner, and others to hand-out brochures to parade watchers -- plus a group to ride/walk along behind the banner. The parade starts at 1pm, but parade participants are asked to assemble by noon. The parade ends by 2 pm at 111th Square, where the Gateway Fun-O-Rama Community Fair is being held.

Third, a "Geology 101" tour at the site has been tentatively scheduled - Monday, April 22, 2013 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. Details to be posted later.

Please join us at one or more of these events.

Tue, February 26 2013

The Gateway Green project is ... the collective efforts of a growing number of private, public, non-profit and philanthropic stakeholders.  The project area consists of highly visible but underused open space surrounded by the confluence of I-84 and I-205, the city of Maywood Park and the adjoining publicly-owned, but practically inaccessible, open spaces on the eastern flanks of Rocky Butte (totaling an additional 80+ acres). 

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) maintains control and ownership of the approximately 38-acre parcel between the two highways... An ODOT survey of the site has indicated that approximately 24 acres of the 38-acre site is surplus to ODOT's needs and could be made available for outdoor recreation use...

[The] ... Declaration of Cooperation [was signed] on December 10, 2010.

Since that time, the project co-sponsors have continued to work diligently toward implementation of the Gateway Green vision.  Significant accomplishments over the past two years include the following:

·    ODOT's completion of a property appraisal resulting in a fair market value of $19,300.

·    Portland Parks and Recreation has initiated its due dilligence on the planned property transfer and will be completing a Phase I environmental report.  ODOT is assisting Parks with other known information about the property it acquired for transportation purposes.   

·    Completion of a Memorandum of Understanding between ODOT and Portland Parks and Recreation outlining the general terms and mutual intent for completing a formal property transfer agreement by March 1, 2013.   

·    Portland Parks and Recreation has identified the availability of SDC funds to purchase the property from ODOT.   

·    The City of Portland and Portland Parks and Recreation have confirmed that they have committed  $200,000 per year  to fund project operations and maintenance beginning in FY 2013-14.   

·    The Friends of Gateway Green retained the services of the Metropolitan Group to prepare a fundraising strategy, and the campaign has commenced in earnest.   

·    The Portland Mayor's Office has issued a Request for Information (RFI) to attract developer interest in an adjacent redevelopment opportunity site as part of the Gateway Urban Renewal Area.  The combination of this development and the Gateway Green project could make for the realization of the long-time aspiration to create the Gateway Regional Center.   

·    The Portland City Council  will be adopting a Transportation System Plan update with a proposed alignment for a connection of the future Sullivan's Gulch Trail to and through the Gateway Green site which will provide greatly improved access to the site for pedestrians and bicyclists resulting in less use of surface streets and off-site parking.   

·    More supporters and stakeholders have emerged, and new and expanded commitments to the project have been received since the original DOC signing.