Build Gateway Green campaign raises $123,880

The 33 days of the Gateway Green crowdfund have come to a close, and the results are 756 donors contributed $123,880! Since the official completion date, some substantial contributions have continued to show up in our mailbox. In the history ofIndiegogo, there have been 5,238 crowdfunds for community projects. Our ranks as their #5 most successful!

What we find particularly gratifying is the depth and breadth of support: from a woman in Nairobi, Kenya, to the students of an elementary school who conducted a penny drive; from East Portland neighborhood associations to an international company like Coca-Cola.  The money will allow us to turn our master plan into the detailed schematic designs needed for building permits.  The number and enthusiasm of you supporters may mean even more.

What’s next:

*   We take a deep breath, then start on the design.  There will be a number of opportunities for supporters to participate and provide ideas for the cycling and spectator elements, the children’s nature play area, the habitat restoration, the sustainability features, and the picnic area.

*   The actual transfer of the property from ODOT to the City of Portland is projected for the first of next year.  This in itself is probably reason for a celebration of some sort!

*   We get to work on applications for some grants which could, if approved, provide much of the capital for construction.

Please know that your support—small and large—means a lot.  Even after 8 years, we have much to do to bring Gateway Green to East Portland and our region.  However, your response to this crowdfund has provided an invaluable boost.

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