Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Will Gateway Green only be used for cycling activities?

No.  Other uses will include:  walking and hiking, jogging and cross-country running, rock climbing, family picnicking; habitat restoration and preservation; birding; environmental testing, monitoring, and education.

2.    Will Gateway Green be available only to Friends of Gateway Green?

No.  It will be open to the general public.

3.    Will there be a charge involved to use Gateway Green?

For everyday use (rather than special events), we anticipate that there will be no charge.

4.    What’s the best way to get to Gateway Green?

If you ride your bike, the region’s primary north-south bike trail runs directly through Gateway Green.  Someday, the Sullivan’s Gulch Trail will connect downtown Portland with East Portland via a main east-west bike boulevard.  Meanwhile, use the attached GIS mapping system to plot your best route.

If you take MAX, the red, blue and green lines run directly to Gateway.

If you drive, you can park free at the Gateway Transit Center parking structure, the Green Line Main Street Park ‘n Ride to the south, or the Yellow Line Parkrose/Sumner Park ‘n Ride to the north.  It is important that you do not park in business parking lots or on the surrounding residential streets.

5.    How are you going to pay for Gateway Green?

Construction and operation will be paid for by a combination of public, private, philanthropic, and volunteer resources.  We will not ask anyone to raise taxes to pay for Gateway Green.

6.    Is Gateway Green really going to happen, and if so, when?

We’ve been working on Gateway Green since 2005, and still have much yet to do.  We need to do more required studies, gain final approval from ODOT and other government agencies, commit the necessary financial resources, and complete final design.  That’s a lot.  However, given the increased momentum that has built over the past year, we’d like for people to be enjoying the first phase of Gateway Green within 2 – 3 years.

7.    How can I be involved?

Talk it up and generate more excitement; become a supporter of Friends of Gateway Green (FoGG); volunteer for our occasional work parties and outreach events.  If you have particular expertise or ideas that you think might be helpful, contact Linda Robinson, Chair of FoGG, at linda [at] gatewaygreenpdx [dot] org.