Sullivan's Gulch Trail

The Sullivan's Gulch Trail will parallel the I-84 freeway and Blue Line MAX, but on the north side of the Union Pacific RR line. Photo by Paul Manson.

Map of proposed Sullivan's Gulch Trail.

The trail is a 4.3 mile long opportunity to connect East Portland with a bicycle and pedestrian route that is separated from auto traffic. It will parallel the Banfield and Eastside MAX line running from Gateway to the Willamette River. This trail will provide safe, continuous, and quick transportation options for cyclists and pedestrians.

The trail will connect all of the neighborhoods along the route through connections at existing overpasses and will encourage more people to ride or walk to work, for fun or for errands.

The route will intersect numerous north-to-south bicycle routes, greatly expanding the capacity of our City’s bicycle network. This trail represents the best opportunity for the City to increase bicycle transportation and provide efficient and rapid commuting options.

For more information on the Trail, and tips on how to get involved, visit:

The Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood Association provides a brief history of the Gulch.