Restoration Activities

Commissioner Fritz and Ted Gilbert cutting/pulling ivy as they worked their way up the slope.

Eager, energetic volunteer (Jeff Ong) as we started the day! [Jeff also designed and created this website, as a volunteer!]

Exhausted, muddy volunteers (Linda Robinson, Commissioner Amanda Fritz and Nora Hanna) sitting on the pile of debris at the end of the work party.

The first event at the site officially sponsored by Friends of Gateway Green was No Ivy Day 2009 -- on May 2, 2009.

Eighteen volunteers, including City Commissioner Amanda Fritz, gathered to remove English ivy, focusing on cutting the ivy that was growing up trees and clearing it from around the base of the trees.  The group freed 36 trees that day from the grip of English ivy.

It was a cool, cloudy day; removing invasive species on a slope is very hard, very dirty work!

Future events and activities will be posted on the Calendar section of this website.