Outreach Activities

Linda tabling at the East Portland Expo in July 2012

With a Small Neighborhood Grant, received from the East Portland Neighborhood Office (EPNO) in early 2009, Linda Robinson was able to set up an outreach program for Friends of Gateway Green as soon as the group was officially formed.

Grant money was used to purchase a banner, an A-frame sign, folding table and laminated photos/labels to use on a display board borrowed from EPNO.  It was also used to purchase a domain name and secure a local internet service provider for the group.

Through the spring and summer of 2009, we took the display to numerous community events, including all three Sunday Parkways events, the East Portland Expo (EPO EXPO), the opening of the MAX Green Line and more.

In another effort to keep in touch with project supporters, we created a Friends of Gateway Green group on Facebook and set up a GatewayGreenPDX account on Twitter, as alternative ways to receive updates about the project's progress.

At the same time, Jeff Ong, our volunteer webmaster, created a simple, one-page website that would provide some basic information while we developed a more fully-functioning site -- which was launched in October 2009.  With the launching of this site, we've created an email list that individuals can sign-up for to automatically receive periodic project updates.