More about Friends of Gateway Green

The Friends of Gateway Green Board, shown here at the first Board meeting on April 9, 2009. From left to right, Bill Barber, Ted Gilbert, Linda Robinson, Jim Labbe and Tom Archer. (Photo by Leslie Meiners)

Friends of Gateway Green (FoGG) was formed as an Oregon nonprofit corporation in March 2009.  It is now in the process of filing an application with the IRS for 501(3)(c) tax-exempt status.  The goal is to complete this process before the end of 2010.

At start-up, the organization had a five-member board:

  • Linda Robinson (Chair)
  • Bill Barber (Secretary)
  • Tom Archer (Treasurer)
  • Ted Gilbert
  • Jim Labbe

Ted and Linda started the project in late 2005.  The other board members have been involved since early 2008. 


Bill Barber left the board in July 2011.  Jeff Shindler has taken his place as Secretary of the board.  Tom Archer no longer serves as Treasurer; Linda Robinson has taken over the responsibilities of Treasurer.