Excerpts from the Updated Declaration of Cooperation

The Gateway Green project is ... the collective efforts of a growing number of private, public, non-profit and philanthropic stakeholders.  The project area consists of highly visible but underused open space surrounded by the confluence of I-84 and I-205, the city of Maywood Park and the adjoining publicly-owned, but practically inaccessible, open spaces on the eastern flanks of Rocky Butte (totaling an additional 80+ acres). 

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) maintains control and ownership of the approximately 38-acre parcel between the two highways... An ODOT survey of the site has indicated that approximately 24 acres of the 38-acre site is surplus to ODOT's needs and could be made available for outdoor recreation use...

[The] ... Declaration of Cooperation [was signed] on December 10, 2010.

Since that time, the project co-sponsors have continued to work diligently toward implementation of the Gateway Green vision.  Significant accomplishments over the past two years include the following:

·    ODOT's completion of a property appraisal resulting in a fair market value of $19,300.

·    Portland Parks and Recreation has initiated its due dilligence on the planned property transfer and will be completing a Phase I environmental report.  ODOT is assisting Parks with other known information about the property it acquired for transportation purposes.   

·    Completion of a Memorandum of Understanding between ODOT and Portland Parks and Recreation outlining the general terms and mutual intent for completing a formal property transfer agreement by March 1, 2013.   

·    Portland Parks and Recreation has identified the availability of SDC funds to purchase the property from ODOT.   

·    The City of Portland and Portland Parks and Recreation have confirmed that they have committed  $200,000 per year  to fund project operations and maintenance beginning in FY 2013-14.   

·    The Friends of Gateway Green retained the services of the Metropolitan Group to prepare a fundraising strategy, and the campaign has commenced in earnest.   

·    The Portland Mayor's Office has issued a Request for Information (RFI) to attract developer interest in an adjacent redevelopment opportunity site as part of the Gateway Urban Renewal Area.  The combination of this development and the Gateway Green project could make for the realization of the long-time aspiration to create the Gateway Regional Center.   

·    The Portland City Council  will be adopting a Transportation System Plan update with a proposed alignment for a connection of the future Sullivan's Gulch Trail to and through the Gateway Green site which will provide greatly improved access to the site for pedestrians and bicyclists resulting in less use of surface streets and off-site parking.   

·    More supporters and stakeholders have emerged, and new and expanded commitments to the project have been received since the original DOC signing.