Board Member Biographies

Board Members

Linda Robinson, Chair (

linda [at] gatewaygreenpdx [dot] org

Born in Portland and a resident of east Portland for more than 35 years, Linda is a community organizer with a passion for ”meaningful civic engagement”.  Early experiences as a founding member of the Columbia Slough Watershed Council and her...

Tom Archer, Board Member (

tarcher [at] easystreet [dot] net

Tom has been riding bikes as long as he can remember starting with his  first Schwinn Spyder -  road bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes - and just about everything in between.  He enjoys riding on the dirt more than anything else. ...

Ted Gilbert, Board Member (

ted [at] gilbertbroscommercial [dot] com

Since 1973, Ted has been involved in the acquisition, development, renovation and/or marketing of investment real estate, including multi-family apartments, condominiums, office, retail and industrial.  Primary market area is Oregon and...

Jim Labbe, Board Member (

jlabbe [at] urbanfauna [dot] org

Urban Conservationist since 2003, grew up enjoying nature-rich West Portland neighborhood. He has over 20 years of experience in natural resource planning, research, and advocacy as a student, watershed council coordinator, consultant, citizen...

Jeff Shindler, Secretary (

jashindler [at] gmail [dot] com

Having visited the Pacific Northwest since he was a child, Jeff realized his dream of living in Portland after moving to the area from North Carolina in 2010. A strong believer in the benefits of social capital, Jeff has worked as a marketing...

Will Heiberg, Board Member (

will [at] lumberyardmtb [dot] com


Beth Flanagan, Board Member (

bethflanagan [at] altaplanning [dot] com


Jocelyn Gaudi, Board Member (

jbgaudi [at] gmail [dot] com


Paul Dickow, Board Member (

pdickow [at] WalkerMacy [dot] com