Design Work

  • Logo designed by Christopher Masciocchi (pro bono)
  • Web site designed & created by Jeff Ong (pro bono)


  • Funding for East Portland Action Plan early implementation from the Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability (2009, $45,000)
  • Small Neighborhood Grant from East Portland Neighborhood Office to help create Friends of Gateway Green (2008, $1,125)

Planning/Consulting Services

We also acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals and organizations for the work they did on the original Vision Plan and the Bicycle Concept Plan:

  • Vision Plan by David Evans & Associates (50% discount)
  • Bicycle Concept Plan by Alta Planning + Design (mostly pro bono).
  • Materials for Bicycle Concept Plan (small grant from International Mountain Biking Assn)


  • Photos by Linda Robinson, unless otherwise noted.